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How to Deal With Depression After a Job Loss

BY I Don't Love My Job / February 20, 2020

A job loss can completely turn your life upside down. You may be feeling like you don't know which way is up. This is not an uncommon reaction. Depression can be a problem during a time like this. If you think you are experiencing depression after losing your job, here are a few tips to help you deal. 

Talk to Someone

The most important step you can take when experiencing depression is to talk to someone. Some people can cope with simply talking to close friends or family. Others need a professional to confide in and receive feedback. There are free counseling services in most communities. Taking advantage of these services can make a huge difference in your journey. 


Exercise is one unlikely, but very efficient way to deal with stress and depression. Exercise releases lots of great hormones into your body so that you literally feel better after a workout. Exercise also can provide a centralizing activity that can help you organize your new chaotic life. After a job loss, many people find that if they can organize their life around one dependable activity, they can begin to regain control of other areas of their life as well. Exercise provides a perfect centralizing activity. 

Keep Tabs on Nutrition

Vitamin deficiencies can mimic or worsen symptoms of depression. Vitamins such as D and the B group both have a huge effect on your ability to cope with stress. When these vitamins are low you will find dealing with stress very difficult. Be sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables each day and taking a multivitamin if your doctor approves. 

Depression after a job loss is real and it can be hard to get through. Use these steps to help get you started on a path to a better mood.