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How to Turn a Summer Job Into a Career

BY I Don't Love My Job / April 23, 2019

Part-time summer jobs are often easier to get than regular full-time jobs. Leveraging a summer job into a career is one of the easiest ways to get yourself a lucrative career that can last for years. Here are some strategies to do that.

Vocalize Your Interest

Unless you tell people that you’re interested in continuing your summer job into a full-time career, they’ll assume you’re just a typical summer worker. Let your supervisors know that you’re interested in staying on after summer’s over so they’ll consider you for upcoming openings.

Give it Your All

Make sure that your work stands out over other summer workers. Treat your summer job as if it was already your career. Go above and beyond your regular duties so your supervisors can witness your dedication, commitment and hard work.

Get Extra Education

If more permanent jobs at the company would require more education, go ahead and get that extra education. You may have to study on weekends and after work in the summer, but when the time comes, you’ll be able to show that you’re qualified with your newly earned certificate.

Be Serious

Many summer employees like to have fun on the job and don’t take it very seriously. But if you want to leverage the job into a career, you need to be more serious at work. It’s okay to have fun, but don’t have fun at the expense of your duties or the customers. Always put work first and become known as a serious-minded individual. This will put you in a good light when you go to apply for a permanent position.

Whether your summer job is life guarding, landscaping or helping out in an office, these tips will help you turn that job into something that can help you build a real career.