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Best Jobs for Talkative People

BY I Don't Love My Job / August 20, 2020

As a child were you often scolded for talking too much? Do people still sometimes call you out for dominating a conversation? Some people just love to talk, but that is not always a bad thing. In fact, there are many jobs which call for exactly that skill. Here are a few jobs where a chatterbox can really shine.

Customer Service Rep

Customer service is a growing, thriving job market where a talkative person can really succeed. A customer service rep is usually the first line of communication that customers will deal with when interacting with a company. These individuals are required to have good communication skills as well as good problem-solving skills. It is the rep's job to make sure a customer's issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Customer service reps spend most of their time on the phone taking calls from customers and helping them resolve their issues.

Sales Reps

Sales reps can work in a variety of markets selling a variety of things. Car dealerships, advertising, furniture, even gym memberships, and a million other products and services survive because of sales reps who know how to talk people into purchasing these products or services. Sales reps are often extroverted, talkative individuals who know how to establish a rapport with people quickly. Successful sales reps are also very persuasive.


In addition to having a knack for mixing drinks, bartenders are also required to establish a certain atmosphere at the bar with customers. This is accomplished through, you guessed it, talking. Bartenders are expected to be part entertainers, part therapists as they chat with customers. The attitudes and personalities of the bartenders contribute heavily to the atmosphere of the bar.

You may have spent plenty of time getting into trouble in school for talking too much, but now that you are an adult, your chatterbox ways could help land you a great job.