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How to Avoid Getting Put on the 'No Rehire' List

BY I Don't Love My Job / August 13, 2021

Employers must complete paperwork whenever an employee separates from the company. They must answer whether the individual can be hired again at a later date in that paperwork. It's nearly impossible to get a job with the same employer if they put a person on the "no rehire" list. You never know when you might need an employer again in life. Therefore, you should always take steps to be rehireable. These are three things you can do to avoid getting on the 'no rehire' list:

Be a Model Employee the Entire Time

The best way to avoid getting put on the no-rehire list is to be a model employee the entire time you work for the establishment. That will make the employer want you back if you ever try to apply there in the future. They'll most likely have positive remarks on your record and can reference them when they check up on you.

Give Your Two Weeks Notice

Ensure that you give the employer a full two weeks' notice if you intend to leave the company. It's not mandatory, but it is a courteous practice that employers consider as they complete the separation paperwork.

Work Hard in the End

Put all the effort you have into working those last two weeks like you're a rockstar. Pretend it's your first week there, and do everything you can to impress the employer every day you go into work. That will cause the employer to appreciate you as an excellent worker. They'll see that you care enough to give them an excellent performance instead of shoddy work on your way out the door.

Try these three suggestions so that your employer will consider hiring you if you ever need to come back for any reason. It's not difficult to do, and it can ensure that you have an ace in your pocket at all times.