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How to Re-Enter The Job Market After Being Out of the Job Force

BY I Don't Love My Job / August 20, 2018

For different reasons people might leave the work force for pro-longed periods of time. Sometimes marriage, parenthood or even sickness could be a reason. Regardless of the reason, though, once you make the choice to reenter the job market there are a few things you should consider.

Are Your Qualifications Relevant Today?

If you have been out of the work force for some time, then you might want to evaluate whether or not your previous qualifications are relevant today? In our day of fast technological advances, entire careers can become obsolete in a matter of years. Speaking with a specialist at a labor office is a great way to find out if your qualifications will fit in today's job market.

Decide How to Get Up to Speed

In order to bring yourself up to speed in the current job market, you might want to think about enhancing your education or qualifications through school or career training. There are plenty of opportunities for those returning to work force. Communities realize that helping these individuals helps the community as a whole. Contact community colleges in your area or the local labor office to find out how you can enhance your education and qualifications.

Don't Underestimate Life Experience

Your own life experiences can often be an important job qualification. Don't be scared to mention this type of experience when applying for a new job. Hands on life experience is a a powerful qualification. Evaluate the life experiences you have had while you were out of the work force and decide how those can best be presented to potential employers.

Re-entering the work force can be an intimidating thing, but with the right plan in place and willingness to learn you can enter this new journey with excitement and confidence.