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Is An Internship Right for You?

BY I Don't Love My Job / April 28, 2020

If you have been considering your career options during or after college, then you may have considered an internship. Here we will look at some basic reasons why an internship may be right for you?

You Want Experience

An internship provides an opportunity for someone to experience what it's like to work in a certain industry and for a certain company. An internship is one of the only ways to really check out an industry or company from an insider's perspective without making a long term commitment. This is great for people who really want to experience things before they make a final decision. 

You Don't Care About the Money Just Yet

Many internships are unpaid positions. Employers figure out that the experience you will gain is very valuable. The internship is also valuable to the employer because it gives them an opportunity to decide if they would like to offer you a job full time. Sometimes Internships can be paid positions. This can be an hourly wage or a stipend. Even paid internships will not pay the same as the entry-level at that company, though. If you are very concerned about making a full-time income right now, then perhaps an internship is not for you, but if you feel like you have some time to invest in learning then an internship is a great way to do that. 

Your Dream Job Hires Through Internships

There are many companies and industries which rely heavily on Internships for hiring purposes. If you are interested in one of these professions, and you have the time to invest in an internship this can be a great way to get your foot in the door. 

Internships provide a great way to employers and prospective employees to get to know each other. If you have the time to invest, then an internship is a wonderful career opportunity.