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Job Options for Displaced Hospitality Workers to Consider

BY I Don't Love My Job / October 23, 2020

With COVID-19 ravaging the world and many hospitality workers being displaced due to lockdowns, shutdowns, and working for companies that no longer exist, you may be seeking new opportunities and job options for your immediate future. The good news is that there are quite a few options still available, including those listed below.

Customer Service

While many businesses are shutting down during the pandemic, others have been identified as essential businesses and they are desperate for outgoing personalities who aren’t afraid to work hard. Many of them are paying above average wages at times like this to meet increasing demand in their stores and businesses. From retail sales to manufacturing businesses, customer service is a rising star as COVID rages on.

Call Center Work

Many call centers have transitioned largely to work from home positions, which eliminates long commutes while allowing you to capitalize on your gift for gab. There are all kinds of call center positions available from technical support and fielding customer complaints, to customer satisfaction follow-ups, and more.

Health Care Services

Many people only think of doctors and nurses when it comes to health care services. The truth is, it takes many people to keep overworked hospitals in ship shape at any time, especially during a pandemic when demand is high. Demand is high now and most of these jobs offer decent pay – some even offer healthcare benefits.

One thing to remember is working in the hospitality industry prepares you to excel in a wide range of fields. Just because you lack experience in specific roles doesn’t mean your experience doesn’t qualify you for jobs in those roles. Consider any of these and start building your resume today. You might be surprised to learn how in-demand your time and talent are during these trying times.